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                                                                                                      Registered Charity No. 1045045

​                                                    WELCOME




      BHS​ Approved   RDA Centre                                                                      Pony Club                          ABRS Honorary Member


                                                 LB Hammersmith & Fulham Licence N0. 1019/00107 5Star Rated Riding Establishment    


Thank you to Chris Mackay Raglan International for very kindly sponsoring the Pony Centre uniform clothing. 

Thank you 

Thank you to everyone who has kindly supported our charity during the pandemic. It is through the kindness of so many people that the Pony Centre is now able to welcome back the children for riding and other equestrian activities.

Artwork by Romaine Dennistoun© WSPC artist in residence

Thank you

Thank you to the volunteers who help with the gardening, the cleaning, admin and other non horsey activities. Your help is truly valued.

Thank you

To all the volunteers who regularly come and help on the stable yard. With your support all our ponies, horses and donkeys have been well cared for and housed in extremely well kept stables.

Thank you

Thank you to the Night Stable volunteers who come in once a week, in the evenings to attend to the needs of all the animals

Thank you 

To staff members and the students for your dedication in keeping the stable yard run to the highest of standards during this difficult time.