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Riding for the Disabled Association

'Learning Through Ponies'
Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre

Clare Balding opens the Therapy Stable Yard Classroom 2015

Learning through ponies 2017
For the last 27 years the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre has been providing riders with physical disabilities & riders with special needs the opportunity to learn to ride and for them to benefit from the therapy that the horses & ponies freely give.
In addition to riding other sessions are also available which can simulate the young person to learn and develop.
These include -
'Grooming Time', where those who are unable to ride are given the opportunity to touch and get close to a horse by brushing and stroking.
'One With' This is a session which involves no riding but where under guidance the child/adult is given the opportunity to bond with a horse.
'Paint Pony'The is a session where the child/adult is given the opportunity to paint on the living pony.
This is either done with a brush, sponge or the hands. The session encourages co ordination, speech, release of tension, confidence and gives pleasure.
'Vaulting Sessions'
Vaulting is described as gymnastics on a horses. It is tremendous fun for the children and can help build their confidence. It is also a great way for children to be involved in an active team sport which motivates and can lead to strengthening of all muscles.
'Mechanical Horse' Sessions
Sessions on the mechanical horse can help build core muscles, build confidence, help with balance and can be immensely fun.
'Donkey Time' Sessions
Donkey time is ideal for any child who is unable to ride.
Wheelchairs can be taken into the stable where the child can touch, stroke, smell and watch the donkeys. If appropriate children are also shown how to brush the donkeys coat.
'Plant and Grow' Sessions
Young people are given the opportunity of  learning basic gardening skills.
'Sensory Ride Out' Sessions
Riding out includes either riding out on one of the centre's own riding tracks, or riding out on the parkland of Wormwood Scrubs.
'Stable Yard Classroom' Sessions
Classroom sessions can include learning about ponies, drawing ponies,reading about ponies.
ASDAN  Sessions
ASDAN is a recognised educational programme.

If you would like to book any of the above sessions then please send an email to Bea Pike

Also held at the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre are training workshops for those in the London region working with riders with special needs. Please contact Sister Mary Joy for more information.

Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre
25th Anniversary 25th September 2014
Children & young people ride for HRH the Princess Royal

HRH the Princess Royal presents the display riders with gold Loriner medals.

Two young riders present HRH the Princess Royal with a posy

One young rider riding with pride for the Princess Royal.


 Regional Instructor mary,

It is required that all RDA instructor attend at least one regional training day each year and the details are recorded in your log book.

RDA  appointed Chairman for the Greater London Region is Mike Locke.
Mike is a regular Saturday volunteer at WSPC.
A few years ago one of his sons received the London Region Volunteer Award. Mike is married to Bea Pike who is the manager at WSPC.

For further information about the RDA please go to

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